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Oshkosh, WI 54903-1202

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Southwest Rotary Members

Individuals who live the Rotary philosopy of "Service Above Self"

The women and men of Southwest Rotary come from a wide variety of ages and backgrounds, and serve in diverse professions, but all share a charitable focus on making the world a better place.

Board of Directors

President John Hobbins
President-Elect Nate Olson
Past President Jeff Potts
Secretary Brad Dunn
Treasurer Kathy Hanson
Sergeant-at-Arms Kris Villars
Club Service Christy Larson
Nicole Petersen
Community Service Lori Davis
Jeff Krueger
International Service Kelsey Hulet
Vicky Redlin
New Generations
Jessica Benesh
Kari Seefeldt
Vocational Service Autumn Urban
Gretchen Herrmann
Foundation Todd Slagter
Kris Villars
Membership Karlene
Programs Ken Friedman
Barb Herzog
Public Relations Karlene Leatherman


  • Javad Ahmad
  • Amy Albright
  • Dick Ames
  • Matt Bakalars
  • Megan Bartelt
  • Bob Beckstrom
  • Bonnie Behnke
  • Mike Bell
  • Jessica Benesh
  • Dawn Benish
  • William Bowman
  • Craig Burnett
  • Marcus Butts
  • Dick Casey
  • James Chitwood
  • Lori Davis
  • Jonathan Dudzinski
  • Art Dumke
  • Emily Dunham
  • Bradley Dunn
  • Roy Duxstad
  • Tammi Eastling
  • Matt Eldred
  • Ken Friedman
  • Dave Geurden
  • Jeff Hackbarth
  • Nicholas Hahn
  • Tom Hallquist
  • Kathy Hanson
  • Sara Heeney
  • Gerald Hendrickson
  • Bob Hernke
  • Gretchen Herrmann
  • Barb Herzog
  • John Hobbins
  • Eric Hoffmann
  • John Holdorf
  • Shelly Hurzeler
  • Karen Jacobson
  • Kimberly Johnson-Thiel
  • Bruce Karnitz
  • Barbara Key
  • Tom Kloeckner
  • Jeff Krueger
  • Jerry Krueger
  • Christy Larsen
  • Karlene Leatherman
  • Andy Leavitt
  • Dan Lenz
  • John Lorfeld
  • Mike Lyster
  • Andrew Mathes
  • Susan Matz
  • Jay Merrill
  • Becky Metz
  • Alicia Meyer
  • Amy Montgomery
  • Adam Mootz
  • Kent Mosebach
  • Sam Muinde
  • Glenn Nelson
  • Frederick Oates
  • Nate Olson
  • Dave Omachinski
  • Norm Packer
  • Nicole Peterson
  • Steve Poeschl
  • Griffin Pollnow
  • Julie Pollnow
  • Jeff Potts
  • Vicky Redlin
  • Todd Reuss
  • John Rowe
  • Robert Runge
  • Randy Schmiedel
  • Sue Schnorr
  • Kelly Schwab
  • Michael Scott
  • Kari Seefeldt
  • Jim Sharpe
  • Todd Slagter
  • Jim Stapel
  • Karen Stauffer
  • Robert Stauffer
  • Mark Stockli
  • Bill Thimke
  • Autumn Urban
  • Rick Vanderloop
  • Matthew Vaughan
  • Mike Vaughan
  • Kris Villars
  • Chad Wade
  • Scott Waterworth
  • Tom Weber
  • Chet Wesenberg
  • John Westphal
  • Scott Woldt
  • Bill Wyman

98 members


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Oshkosh Rotary Southwest is always interested in bringing motivated new members into our club.

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You're likely to know one of the people on this list. If you do, ask them to bring you to a weekly meeting; we think you'll really enjoy the energy of the group. If you don't know anyone here, just send us an email, and we'll introduce you to one or more!

In the meantime, browse around this site, including the How to Join page to learn more about what we do.

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